30 March 2013

The Gacha Winds Down

Well, its nearly time for the month long gacha event in Second-Life to come to an end. It has been an interesting, if expensive month. My Inventory has exploded again. Was it worth it? As an experience it was. Aside from one shady character being an ass, I have met some good and interesting people.
Will I do it again? The next Gacha event is in June and that coincides with the Second-Life Birthday, so I will probably miss the next event.
Part of the Gacha Collection

The picture above, shows some of the Items we collected.

28 March 2013

Resident Help Network (RHN)

In SecondLife, there are various help groups, all designed to help residents new and old. There are some things you just don't learn as a new resident. Some you learn the hard way, and if you are smart and willing to listen to the experienced - some you can learn by simply asking the right people the right questions.
The Resident Help Network was once part of the Mentor network, now it is a stand-alone group that answers many questions and advertises where lectures are being held.
Virtual Ability Island

26 March 2013

Crap Mariner Strikes

Last year, Crap Mariner did a great job with the Grim Reaper ads for the SL Birthday. This year it's a new character, check him out:

SL 10th Birthday Is Announced

Well it has finally been announced, the SecondLife 10th Birthday.
This is a website you really do need to keep your eye on in the coming months. Like all major events of this nature, things do not happen overnight, and the staff are working their rear ends off behind the scenes, out of sight of everyone, so be patient, please.