16 March 2013

Gotcha at the Gacha

It is pretty under-handed when you get taken for a ride at what is supposed to be a fun happy event in any world, but to be scammed at a SecondLife event is the lowest of lows.
After all, folks work damned hard to get the things they want, yet some low-lifes prefer to scam you, break all the rules and take short-cuts to become what?
The king of the heap!
Rats in sewers have more morals than the scammers that get their rocks off by defrauding people. Whilst this blog is not in SecondLife, I wont name names, they are beneath contempt and I wont add to their pitiful ego by naming them. They know who they are, we know who they are, and the SecondLife grid and karma has a good habit of sorting them out at some point.

14 March 2013

To Gacha or not To Gacha

Gacha gacha machines exist throughout Japan. The popular gadgets crank out all sorts of interesting toys and figures to whoever drops a few hundred Yen in the slot and turns the crank.

Unlike the quarter or fifty-cent machines loaded with crap like cheap rubber balls or flimsy plastic rings once common in supermarkets through the United States, Japanese gacha gacha machines are full of very high quality products.

12 March 2013

Using the SL Preview Grid to Recover Inventory

If you realise that you have missing inventory, you can try this tip. Follow the steps below as soon as possible:
1.  Login to the Preview Grid and find a quiet place where no one will annoy you while you are trying to solve a problem.

Do you control your inventory, or does it control you?

A large inventory is going to eventually cause you major problems, so here are some tips to help you control your inventory, and have a smoother  SL ride.

Excess inventory causes lag!  

Why is this, you ask?  Because every item in your inventory is a line in the database.  The more inventory you have, the longer it will take your inventory to load, and finding and retrieving things can literally cause lag for you and other people on the same sim as you.  You may also experience inventory loss if the database can't find what what you're after. 
The best way to prevent loss and lag associated with inventory is to keep your inventory clean. Dedicate about 30 minutes each sl session to cleaning out inventory.  you can do it while you're standing around,  camping, waiting on people, etc. It's fairly easy to do.

11 March 2013

Copyright & SecondLife

You should not use copyrighted or trademarked material in Second Life, unless of course you have a right to use the intellectual property. Your rights are defined by applicable copyright and trademark law, including the law of fair use.
Real world laws apply to intellectual property infringement, and nothing about your use of Second Life will shield you if you are infringing on someone else's intellectual property- the rightful owner of the IP can take direct legal action against you in real world courts of law.
The following describes more detail about how Linden staff treat trademark and copyright issues in-world:

Trademarked Material

Linden staff generally removes content that uses trademarks without apparent authorization, with or without giving notice to the object owner. This generally includes all RL corporate logos and brand names.