2 March 2013

Sharing Real Life Information

Can I Share Real Life Information in SecondLife?

Nobody in Second Life may distribute any information about another Resident's "real world" life.
You cannot reveal someone's real-world location ("XXX Resident lives in Canada"), gender ("XXX is really a woman"), religion, appearance, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, etc.
You may not use notecards, textures, chat, IM, forums, or any other means of violating privacy.
Linden Lab will attempt to delete such privacy-violating content, if possible, and will apply appropriate discipline.

There are exceptions:

Information about a Resident contained in the Resident's own profile may be discussed and passed around.

Information that is patently false may be "revealed" ("XXX Resident lives on Mars") .

Information provided outside of systems controlled by Linden Lab isn't covered by the Terms of Service.

A Call For Help

Suicide in SecondLife

This is not my favourite topic, but it needs to be addressed. Thankfully I haven't had a call for help in ages.

From time to time, people in Second-Life will get into a chat and make a gut-wrenching statement, such as; "I am going to commit suicide".

28 February 2013

Lost Eden

Lost Eden is an Adult sim, privately owned and run. It has fantastic staff who are warm and friendly.
If you had to own a sim in Second-Life and wanted to make it adult, Lost Eden is the standard you would want to aim for.
Lost eden is a romantic and relationship led sim. The sim is low on rules, treat others as you wish to be treated. Lost Eden is a consenting sim, both partners need to consent to any actions that take place between them.
Lost Eden Welcome Area
The sim is run by three very different women and it works. Lost Eden has its own group and it costs 100 Linden to join, The joining fee is small when you look at the services that the sim provides to its members.
Respect Lost Eden and the people here and don't expect to be treated in any way that is  special, all are equal  and have equal  rights  to respect, if you cant  act responsibly or believe your above it .. Lost Eden is not for you.
Lost Eden is a low level stress/ drama place to relax in and enjoy a place for people to meet and and build up relationships.
Lost Eden is not a Business, so your support and linden dollars keep it growing and thriving.
If you want Lost Eden to survive then help  keep it alive with your personal help and donations  in the Lost Eden Apple tip jars.

Lost Eden relies on  donations to help keep it on the Second-Life grid, and its owners and staff really do appreciate the help and donations it receives.
If you want to experience what a well built, friendly and pleasant adult sim looks like, then I encourage you to visit it, and see for yourself.

27 February 2013


This subject is rather lengthy and complex, I do not apologise for that.

What does a griefer look like?

Look around, look at the person next to you, a griefer doesn't come with any defined look, nor do they wear a big sign that says "Griefer". The age of an avatar does not necessarily make them a griefer, whilst it is true that griefers make disposable accounts, there will be older residents that have griefed in SL and are still around.
A griefer is a player who does things in a game to deliberately cause annoyance ("grief" in the sense of "giving someone grief") for their own enjoyment. Such players are a particular nuisance in online gaming communities, since they often cannot be deterred by penalties related to in-game goals. The term originated in the early 1990s, when online games were growing in popularity.

Hanja Welcome Area

Hanja Welcome Area

Hanja Welcome Area or War Zone
Second-Life is dotted with welcome areas, they are all over the grid. Hanja has turned into the wild-wild-west. A place where griefers hold court and threaten anyone who doesn't bow to them.

Hanja, A war zone in the making

Countless Abuse Reports have been submitted to Linden Lab by numerous residents about this war zone, with no effect.
It has even got to the stage, where these griefers are targetting individuals, trying to gather real life information and taking the threats into real life.
To all intents and purpose, Hanja and other griefer ridden welcome areas, have fallen off the Second-Life map.
Once upon a time, new user retention was high on the Linden Lab list of priorities. Obviously that has fallen off the list. Yet without new users, Second-Life is doomed to slowly die on the servers.
The current emphasis with Linden Lab is introducing new technology, like Server Side Baking, whilst places like Hanja rot in the sun. For all the use this place is, it may as well be closed down and developed into something useful. Given the current situation, a combat sim might be more appropriate.
Introducing new technology and maintaining new registrations has to work hand-in-hand. If an organisation doesn't maintain a growing user base, then all the new technology under the sun doesn't mean much if there is no one around to use and benefit from it.

Dealing with Stalkers in Second-Life

Does stalking happen in Second Life - Unfortunately it does.
Does it cross into real life - Unfortunately it can and has done.
Stalkers come in both genders, male and female, which is worse? Neither, in my opinion.
Your Second-Life profile can be a window to you. Your profile can also be used to harass you by other members of the SL Community. I am not trying to frighten you, I am merely pointing out that it can happen, and has.
I am not trying to scare you, but the sooner you realise that you are your own worst enemy in virtual worlds, the sooner you can protect yourself.

25 February 2013

Adult HUB Central

Adult HUB Central, the gateway to adult secondlife has had a major overall, and one that is, in my opinion, going in the right direction as far a new-user experience goes.
The teleport brings you into a central hub, from which you can explore mini-islands and learn as you go. The new build makes you want to explore, to find out what is around the next corner.
The Central TP in Point
 I didn't stay there long, just long enough to see the changes and do some minor exploration of the immediate area.
From my perspective there are ambient things missing, like background noises, birds, waves lapping onto a beach - yes there is a small beach there, yet I suspect, that as with any major build or alteration, its a work in-progress.
Well done to the staff at the Adult HUB Central.

It Started With..........

I first came across Eladon in SecondLife about four years ago, though at the time I never got to meet Eladon, I visited Pondlife Enterprises looking for a table and chairs and found exactly what I was searching for.
That table and chairs has never left my inventory.
I met Eladon recently, through his new SL partner and long time friend.
Eladon is one of nature's true gentlemen. Now that may sound somewhat old-fashioned, yet this breed of person still exists in the world as we know it, they are just damned hard to find.
So what is so special about Eladon and his Pondlife Enterprises?
The New Store at Pondlife
Well, Eladon is a prolific builder and creator and in my humble opinion, makes some of the best and easy to use furniture in SecondLife.
If you want to get married in SL, then you really should check out his script driven wedding system. You wont be disappointed.
If you don't believe me and think this is just me pushing a SecondLife creator, drop by Pondlife and see for yourself. Click on the picture to get the Slurl.

Cyber Stalking Resources

If you find yourself getting unwanted attention whilst on the net, or indeed in Secondlife, the following web-sites may assist:


Cyber Stalking & Cyber Harassment

What is cyberstalking and what is cyberharassment?
Cyberstalking and cyberharassment are very similar. Most people use them interchangeably, but there is a subtle distinction, typically relating to the perpetrator’s intent and the original motivation for their behavior.
While the two situations usually involve many of the same online tactics, cyberstalking is almost always characterized by the stalker relentlessly pursuing his\her victim online and is much more likely to include some form of offline attack, as well. This offline aspect makes it a more serious situation as it can easily lead to dangerous physical contact, if the victim’s location is known

24 February 2013

About SecondLife Ramblings

So what is this blog about? It may contain information relating to SecondLife. Information that residents of SecondLife may find useful or informative. There definately will be links to other information sites.

Legal Disclaimer:

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