25 February 2013

It Started With..........

I first came across Eladon in SecondLife about four years ago, though at the time I never got to meet Eladon, I visited Pondlife Enterprises looking for a table and chairs and found exactly what I was searching for.
That table and chairs has never left my inventory.
I met Eladon recently, through his new SL partner and long time friend.
Eladon is one of nature's true gentlemen. Now that may sound somewhat old-fashioned, yet this breed of person still exists in the world as we know it, they are just damned hard to find.
So what is so special about Eladon and his Pondlife Enterprises?
The New Store at Pondlife
Well, Eladon is a prolific builder and creator and in my humble opinion, makes some of the best and easy to use furniture in SecondLife.
If you want to get married in SL, then you really should check out his script driven wedding system. You wont be disappointed.
If you don't believe me and think this is just me pushing a SecondLife creator, drop by Pondlife and see for yourself. Click on the picture to get the Slurl.

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