29 November 2013

Lost Eden Christmas 2013 Hunt

So what are you looking for - Candy Canes - ALL of the Candy Canes are Hidden somewhere on the sim, either at ground level or in some of the public sky-boxes. Due to the area search facility most SecondLife clients have, the candy canes are not called "Candy Cane" . Let the Hunt Commence.
The canes have been placed out and are now filled with goodies to find, I hate leaving things till the last minute.
The Clues Note Card can be found in the Welcome Area, not far from the landing point. Look underneath the rules board.
The clues are under this page break. Happy hunting.

27 November 2013

Christmas At Lost Eden

Christmas has come early at Lost Eden, one of the local builders - Tyrath has created a magnificent Christmas build above the main sim.

The owners of the Sim have gone that extra yard and put out a Members house for a mere token of 1 Linden and there are free gifts from Santa's Sack

Drop by and see the Lost Eden Christmas build, the opening fits in rather well with the Christmas Hunt that kicks off on the 1st December 2013, but more about that at a later post.
Well done Tyrath.