18 April 2013

Name Calling

It amazes me no end, when allegedly adult individuals resort to name calling on blogs, or when they add comments to other persons blogs and add racist comments.

Raise your game people, there is no need to be crude, rude and vulgar. You do yourself no favours, other than to prove to the world that you are uneducated and not worthy of being recognized.

I welcome comments from any one that reads this blog, what I don't tolerate is racism, racists, and ill informed people who's only aim is to add to their pitiful ego and attempt to drag me down to their level. Comments that I view as being racist will not be published and marked as spam.

15 April 2013

SL10B Applications are Open

This is what you have been waiting for, the SecondLife 10th Birthday has opened its website for applications to participate in the event.

So hit the URL above and get in on the act

So, You Want to be a Moderator in Second-Life

Let us look at that in detail.
You have applied to be a moderator, either for a group chat, or a major event. What does it entail?
A moderator has to be above reproach.
A moderator leads by example.
A moderator has to be able to remain calm under pressure.
A moderator has to be able to make sound judgment calls.
A moderator has to back up his/her organisational structure, whether you agree with the decisions or not, a moderator is hired for his/her skills, not his/her opinions.
A moderator does not take sides, they remain neutral.
A moderator is always between a rock and a hard place.

SL10B Information

~~How can I stay informed?~~

Read the SL10B blog – there will be regular updates and information posted there!

You can also follow us through various social media:
Our Twitter stream – https://twitter.com/SLBCommunity