15 April 2013

So, You Want to be a Moderator in Second-Life

Let us look at that in detail.
You have applied to be a moderator, either for a group chat, or a major event. What does it entail?
A moderator has to be above reproach.
A moderator leads by example.
A moderator has to be able to remain calm under pressure.
A moderator has to be able to make sound judgment calls.
A moderator has to back up his/her organisational structure, whether you agree with the decisions or not, a moderator is hired for his/her skills, not his/her opinions.
A moderator does not take sides, they remain neutral.
A moderator is always between a rock and a hard place.
If you don't own the chat group, or the event you have applied to work for, then there are going to be rules and expectations of behaviour.
A good group and event provides comprehensive training, it is not as easy as you think. 
Being a moderator is a hard role. Friends you may have had in the past may turn on you.
People may seek you out and try and make your life and moderation experience hell and you can't explain why you have to act a certain way to maintain order, you could well be under a no explanation clause.
If you think you are special, and better than anyone else, then you are not suited to be a moderator.
If you strut around and say things like; "My tag says Moderator - do as you are told", or similar things, then you are not suited for the moderator role.
When you sign up to be a moderator, there are going to be rules and procedures that you have to follow. If you don't like the rules and procedures, then walk calmly away.
You are going to get picked on, singled out, people are going to push your patience to the limit, people are going to try and set you up for a fall. Are you sure you want to be a moderator?
It can get much worse.
If you are a lead moderator and responsible for a team of moderators, it gets harder. A lead moderator is the person who may have to take a moderator to one side and explain that a situation could have been handled better.
A lead moderator is the brick wall between the boss and the workers. A lead moderator often gets talked to, and he/she has to decide whether to pass that verbal slap down to the front-line troops.
A lead moderator may have to hire and fire the team that works under him/her. It can be a stressful role.
Whether you are a Lead Moderator or one of the foot soldiers, at some point you are going to have an arguement on group or event polices with the owners. It is inevitable. You may not agree with the decisions made. Yet you signed up for this, so take it as it comes, deal with it, enforce the changes that may be brought in, and smile.
A final word, if you become a moderator, don't take things personally, remain calm under all situations, think before you act, and finally maintain a sense of humour.

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