15 June 2013

Laying Down on the Job

Long time SecondLife friend, mentor and all around talented individual, just don't let him build, my mate Doc, having a rest in the Corn Field at SL10B.

Doctor Gascoigne

11 June 2013

The Mythical SL Corn Field

Yes it does exist and here is the proof.

The SL Cornfield
So here is the proof that the mythical SecondLife corn field does exist, mind you I have been here before via a God teleport. For the unknowing, a God teleport is a teleport given by a member of the Linden staff, you cannot refuse them unless you log off.
The corn field has been pulled out of mothballs for the SL10B birthday event, so a HUGE thanks to Linden Lab for the loan of this little slice of SL history.