28 February 2013

Lost Eden

Lost Eden is an Adult sim, privately owned and run. It has fantastic staff who are warm and friendly.
If you had to own a sim in Second-Life and wanted to make it adult, Lost Eden is the standard you would want to aim for.
Lost eden is a romantic and relationship led sim. The sim is low on rules, treat others as you wish to be treated. Lost Eden is a consenting sim, both partners need to consent to any actions that take place between them.
Lost Eden Welcome Area
The sim is run by three very different women and it works. Lost Eden has its own group and it costs 100 Linden to join, The joining fee is small when you look at the services that the sim provides to its members.
Respect Lost Eden and the people here and don't expect to be treated in any way that is  special, all are equal  and have equal  rights  to respect, if you cant  act responsibly or believe your above it .. Lost Eden is not for you.
Lost Eden is a low level stress/ drama place to relax in and enjoy a place for people to meet and and build up relationships.
Lost Eden is not a Business, so your support and linden dollars keep it growing and thriving.
If you want Lost Eden to survive then help  keep it alive with your personal help and donations  in the Lost Eden Apple tip jars.

Lost Eden relies on  donations to help keep it on the Second-Life grid, and its owners and staff really do appreciate the help and donations it receives.
If you want to experience what a well built, friendly and pleasant adult sim looks like, then I encourage you to visit it, and see for yourself.

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