2 March 2013

Sharing Real Life Information

Can I Share Real Life Information in SecondLife?

Nobody in Second Life may distribute any information about another Resident's "real world" life.
You cannot reveal someone's real-world location ("XXX Resident lives in Canada"), gender ("XXX is really a woman"), religion, appearance, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, etc.
You may not use notecards, textures, chat, IM, forums, or any other means of violating privacy.
Linden Lab will attempt to delete such privacy-violating content, if possible, and will apply appropriate discipline.

There are exceptions:

Information about a Resident contained in the Resident's own profile may be discussed and passed around.

Information that is patently false may be "revealed" ("XXX Resident lives on Mars") .

Information provided outside of systems controlled by Linden Lab isn't covered by the Terms of Service.

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