27 February 2013

Hanja Welcome Area

Hanja Welcome Area

Hanja Welcome Area or War Zone
Second-Life is dotted with welcome areas, they are all over the grid. Hanja has turned into the wild-wild-west. A place where griefers hold court and threaten anyone who doesn't bow to them.

Hanja, A war zone in the making

Countless Abuse Reports have been submitted to Linden Lab by numerous residents about this war zone, with no effect.
It has even got to the stage, where these griefers are targetting individuals, trying to gather real life information and taking the threats into real life.
To all intents and purpose, Hanja and other griefer ridden welcome areas, have fallen off the Second-Life map.
Once upon a time, new user retention was high on the Linden Lab list of priorities. Obviously that has fallen off the list. Yet without new users, Second-Life is doomed to slowly die on the servers.
The current emphasis with Linden Lab is introducing new technology, like Server Side Baking, whilst places like Hanja rot in the sun. For all the use this place is, it may as well be closed down and developed into something useful. Given the current situation, a combat sim might be more appropriate.
Introducing new technology and maintaining new registrations has to work hand-in-hand. If an organisation doesn't maintain a growing user base, then all the new technology under the sun doesn't mean much if there is no one around to use and benefit from it.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree, as a old Hanja regular the place is full of the walking dead. I've witnessed so many intrusions into real life here the lindens should be sued for not upholding their own tos. Users children's pictures being uploaded and made into spammers by shazz Larnia who I've also witnessed troll a woman over the loss of her child.

Rails Bailey said...

It is a well known fact that Linden Lab do not enforce the Californian Laws relating to cyber harrassment, it makes you wonder how they get away with it