16 March 2013

Gotcha at the Gacha

It is pretty under-handed when you get taken for a ride at what is supposed to be a fun happy event in any world, but to be scammed at a SecondLife event is the lowest of lows.
After all, folks work damned hard to get the things they want, yet some low-lifes prefer to scam you, break all the rules and take short-cuts to become what?
The king of the heap!
Rats in sewers have more morals than the scammers that get their rocks off by defrauding people. Whilst this blog is not in SecondLife, I wont name names, they are beneath contempt and I wont add to their pitiful ego by naming them. They know who they are, we know who they are, and the SecondLife grid and karma has a good habit of sorting them out at some point.

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