14 March 2013

To Gacha or not To Gacha

Gacha gacha machines exist throughout Japan. The popular gadgets crank out all sorts of interesting toys and figures to whoever drops a few hundred Yen in the slot and turns the crank.

Unlike the quarter or fifty-cent machines loaded with crap like cheap rubber balls or flimsy plastic rings once common in supermarkets through the United States, Japanese gacha gacha machines are full of very high quality products.

There is currently a month of Gacha going on in SecondLife. Is it gambling? that depends on your viewpoint. Major creators have products in this event, and they are being sold by the thousands. Participants hope they get a rare item.
On the reverse side of the coin, there are some yard sales that are selling these gacha items for ridiculous prices, well above what they were sold for in the first place.

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