12 March 2013

Do you control your inventory, or does it control you?

A large inventory is going to eventually cause you major problems, so here are some tips to help you control your inventory, and have a smoother  SL ride.

Excess inventory causes lag!  

Why is this, you ask?  Because every item in your inventory is a line in the database.  The more inventory you have, the longer it will take your inventory to load, and finding and retrieving things can literally cause lag for you and other people on the same sim as you.  You may also experience inventory loss if the database can't find what what you're after. 
The best way to prevent loss and lag associated with inventory is to keep your inventory clean. Dedicate about 30 minutes each sl session to cleaning out inventory.  you can do it while you're standing around,  camping, waiting on people, etc. It's fairly easy to do.

Here's some starter tips on cleaning out your inventory:

Search for Pose Stands and delete all of your pose stands except one that is copyable. Then you will have permissions to rez as many as you need without clogging inventory.  follow this process for Posing Stand, Modeling Stand, and Modelling stand.
Search for Notes.  Delete all the script icons with the word note in it. This is simply a give vendor script that allows you to get things when you buy them, and the permissions are probably locked down, so no good to you.  Follow this process for the search terms Notecard, Vendor and Give.     Don't delete the ones in your script folder if you use them.
Search for Snapshot. Anything in your textures and photo album called Snapshot were not important enough for you to remember to name. You don't need them. 
Search for Object.  Delete all Objects, unless you think there might be some prims you built with.  If this is the case, rez them one at a time, look at them, and decide if you need it. If you need it,  name it, drag it back into inventory, and delete the old object right away.  Likewise, delete all the ones you don't need right away.
Delete all textures from your outfits.  you know what they are.  If you don't rename the outfit folder to something you'll remember like, "Blue See through tank top." 
Delete ALL your duplicate landmarks. If you have 10 for this store or that store or tourist attraction, or whatever, get rid of all of them. You only need one. It doesn't matter which because it will lead you to where-ever the default landing spot is anyway.


Use Subfolders. Lots and lots of subfolders!   One subfolder I have in clothing is shoes. shoes is subdivided again into boots, heels, flats, sandles, sneakers, snazzy shoes, and skates.
To create a subfolder, right- click on the folder you want to subdivide and choose New folder. Name it right away!
Open two inventory windows and make them big. drag items from the left window into the folder you want in the right window.
Check folders subfolders for things that may have slipped into the wrong place.   This sometimes happens.
Follow the search and delete process and the organizing process for every folder you have. Make sure you're getting the folders under the trashcan into the right place.  Commit 30-60 minutes every time you log in.
Clean trash out every 10 minutes or so, because purging a full trash can will crash you.  follow this process and in a week your inventory will be so much better, you'll wonder how you ever let it go so long.
If you must keep landmarks, embed them in a notecard, one land mark per line, or they just become a jumbled mess. dont forget to delete the ones left in your LM folder.
An inventory that registers at 500K is too big, aim for 100K at the first pass, then 50K at the second and so on.
The bigger your inventory, the longer to load it takes - that is a fact.
Textures, put your textures into organiser, trust me you wont regret it. I

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