13 May 2013

History Revisted

I travel around the grid a lot, so I thought I would revisit some of my past SecondLife history and visit, London England UK sims.
London Hyde Park - Dumping Ground

I used to work for these sims a long time ago, I built replica buildings for them, those were the days when you would spend months of research to get the information to ensure the buildings were as accurate as possible. I worked for London for twelve months and finally pulled up stumps when the owner Debs Regent refused to pay me 75,000 Lindens for work done on building her then new sex sim, Soho. That debt is still outstanding, I wonder how many of the current London Staff are aware of how this shady person treats the people she employs.
These sims have always burned the staff that worked for them, false promises and debts never paid.
I even sold my own sim to the Owner Debs Regent, for transfer cost only. Back in those days, London was a thriving community.
Looking at it to day, it is nothing like it was, I landed at Hyde Park, which looks more like a dumping ground for rubbish than the original Hyde Park did.
The sim was pulling 3.4 - 5.4 fps (frames per second) and for the number of people that were there it was as laggy as hell.
If you dare to walk around the once glorious London sims, and check out the buildings, you will still find some of my building present on these sims, such as Mayfair Bruton Street Stella McCartney Building.
Its sad to see these sims in the state they are, is it any wonder that the other London sims are prospering, and prospering well.
On a rating of 1 to 10, I would rate the old London Sims as a 1 and that is being generous.

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