21 May 2013

Story of SL Relationships

Day 1: Boy and girl meet.  Profiles are stalked, witty banter exchanged, and perhaps cuddling is involved.
Day 2: One person bites the bullet and messages the other. Witty banter is once again exchanged and slexing happens.
Day 3: Profile picks are written preferably with insane unreadable font and lots of symbols.  Each confesses how life was nothing without the other.
Day 4:  Boy and girl get married or collared.  Wear the blingiest rings too, of course, show all that they are in love.  One suddenly is Master/hubby/pookie bear etc.  Girl wears tag that reads "His sl*t", "His bitch", "His whore" or so on to express their tender sweet love.
Day 5:  They get land.  Invite all their friends to come see their home and expect house warming presents.  Each introduces the other to their "family" and undoubtedly someone in the "family" has a tail.  They create 5 more picks to express their adoration.
Day 6:  They have prim babies. 
Day 7:  Huge fight.   Break up.
Day 8: Anger Pick
Day 9: See day 1

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