11 April 2013

Gacha Madness

It is eleven (11) days since the Arcade's gacha fair ended and the buying frenzy continues. This is truly an addiction that has the players by the throat as they spend more money on more items created by the content creators of the original gacha items.
And to add fuel to the spending fire, some creators have added additonal items to their store gacha's to tempt people into buying more of their products, and it is working.
The only people who are getting rich out of this buying frenzy are the content creators themselves. In addition, these greedy people have pretty much devalued the original trading items they created, by being greedy and wanting people to part with more money to line their sleezy pockets.
The people who supported the gacha, and got into the spirit of things are left with inventories full of next to useless items that they will either have to give away for free or try and sell at hugely reduced prices at yard sales.

You may get the odd high sale for a realy rare item, but they are few and far between.
Gacha content creator
To all the original gacha content creators out there who are laughing all the way to the bank; are you happy with yourselves? You are not doing your in-world reputation much good by being greedy. You know who you are, you don't need naming. You do yourself a disfavour whilst you plunder the pockets of the guilible people who support you.

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