3 April 2013

SL Yard Sales

Before you jump into SecondLife Yard Sales, here are a few tips to protect yourself:
  • Make sure that what you are buying is not copy-botted, if it is, you will eventually lose it when LL remove it from the servers as a result of a successful DCMA action.
  • Check out prices at ALL yard sales before you choose to buy, some are cheaper than others.
  • Before you make a purchase, think about it, walk away if need be. If you go back and the item you wanted is not there, then you were not destined to buy it in the first place.
  • Read any notices at the yard sale, a reputable yard sale will have notices on their selling policies. Either in texture format on a prim, or via a note-card giver.
  • Some Yard Sales, or Flea Markets allow you to sell your items from them, check with the owners for the terms and conditions that may apply.
  • Some Yard Sales are privately run and you are subject to the terms and conditions the owners apply.
  • Consider joining a Yard Sale Group, to find out where yard sales are on the grid.
Happy Shopping. - Yard Sale in SL

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