8 November 2013

New Linden Lab Second-Life Welcome Areas

Linden Lab have created a new welcome area experience for new residents joining SecondLife. they are a huge improvement on what they have created in the past. They are fun to explore, and from a builders perspective, they are a nice clean build, well planned and easy to navigate.
Yet, the problems are starting to appear already. Recruiters are rife at these places, particularly the Blood-Lines recruiters.
They are open to anyone and everyone, so every idiot comes to them.

It seems that Linden Lab still haven't learned the basics of running a welcome area, which is a shame given the quality of the build.
How can they rectify these issues?
That is simple:
  1. Make it so that only residents 30 days and under can access them.
  2. Add teleport boards to sims that have professional greeters.
  3. Add Mentor Groups to the access list.
It is not rocket science and never has been, it wont be long before these new welcome islands turn into sewers, just like all previous welcome areas have.
Linden Lab have finally come up with a decent build for a welcome area, now its time to finish the process and make them a safe learning area for the new residents, without fear of recruiters annoying them.

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