17 November 2013

The Lost Eden Christmas 2013 Hunt

The Lost Eden Christmas 2013 Hunt, will be different from the last hunt that we ran. In this hunt you will be looking for Candy Canes, but they wont be named Candy Cane, they will be named object or something equally obtuse.
Each Candy Cane will have a "Give Inventory Script to Anyone" and a Gift. All you have to do is find them.
The Candy Canes will be hidden all over the Lost Eden sim, at Sim level and in the public sky-boxes.
They will NOT be hidden in the Members Only sky-Boxes.
As per our last hunt, there will be a Clues Note Card made available to all who wish to participate in the Christmas Hunt. This note-card will be made available in the Lost Eden Welcome Area, close to the Landing Pad.
There are 25 Candy Canes to find. Best of Luck

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