1 June 2014

SecondLife celebrates its 11th Birthday this year. It is being called SL11B.

Second Life (SL) evolved as an idea by founder and former Linden Lab CEO, Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden). He envisioned a vast green, continuous landscape, distributed across multiple servers — and went on to build it. While he dreamed of virtual worlds since his childhood, in 1994, Rosedale first thought of connecting computers via the Internet and creating a virtual world. In 1999, he founded Linden Lab (LL).
SecondLife Birthday History at a Glance:
SL1B - Second Life First Year Anniversary Gala
SL2B - Giant museum displaying various large builds, pictures of SL over time
SL3B - Hooray for diversity and Looking towards the future
SL4B - “era” of SL
SL5B - SL Culture
SL6B - The Future of Virtual Worlds
SL7B - Unexpected Collaborations
SL8B - Magic of Second Life
SL9B saw residents take over the birthday since Linden Lab dropped the birthday ball. Some advertising blurbs that I have seen on the net make the claim "Run by residents for the residents". This is a false claim. The current resident run birthdays are certainly run by dedicated residents, yet adult exhibits are not allowed because of the rating of the event.
Previously there were only two ratings for map regions on the SL Main Grid: PG and Mature, and they were open to anyone to visit.
After 15 Sep 2009, publicly promoted Adult Content is supposed to be stored either on Regions on the newly built Zindra mainland "continent" or on private Regions having the Adult Region rating.
The SecondLife Birthday is rated as a Mature Event, this excludes Adult content. So in essence, the SL Birthday is not for ALL residents of SecondLife. ALL residents can attend if they so choose, but Adult rated exhibitions are not allowed. So much for fairness.
It is long overdue for adult rated content to be added to the SecondLife Birthdays. It is achievable, simply by  making the Sims that have adult content, rated as Adult Sims.
The Adult rated Sims in SecondLife contribute to the economy that keeps SecondLife alive, that is a fact.
Adults participate in SecondLife - that is also a fact. So to deny adult content in any SecondLife birthday event is blatant discrimination and you have to ask yourself "Is that fair?"

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