5 June 2014

Urban Zombie Sim in SL Goes to the Wall

So I got introduced to shooting zombies in SecondLife, it was fun, it was my way of relaxing, to let off steam.
Yesterday, 4th June 2016, one of the owners sent out this notice:
Attention Everyone, After A Four Year Run, We Are Calling It Quits.
The Sim Will Be Closed Within A Couple Of Weeks.
 We Want To Thank All Of Those That Supported Us During Our Run.
xxxx and xxxx.
I wont name the owners, one of them is a decent person, the other, the guy, (I won't call him a gentleman), is something else to be believed.
So I was over at that sim today, 5th June 2014 and the guy is pulling out the level called Urbanus.
Now folks, in my book, 2 weeks means 2 weeks, not 2 seconds, not 2 minutes.
I can understand why someone would want to pull out of SL, paying US$ 300 per month only to have an empty sim sit there.
But lets get real, 2 weeks means 2 weeks. That's 2 weeks of enjoyment that folks could get until the final day comes.
Folks I have owned a sim in SecondLife, it takes seconds to clean a sim before it is returned to Linden Lab.
So much for Honour, end of rant.


Attention Everyone.

An Opportunity Has Opened For Us And We Had To Take It.
It Was Our Original Plan To Remain Active For Two Weeks More, But Tonight Is The Last Night For Urban Zombie, We Have Sold The Land.
Again We Want To Thank All Of You That Have Supported Us Over The Past Few Years.

Thank You

The above notice went out after my rant in the group I was part of. Reality check here folks, if you own a sim and want to keep your reputation during the process, tell the truth, even if it hurts. The truth, no matter how hard to swallow at times, goes a long way. There was nothing that couldn't have stopped the sim owners asking the new owner for a two week grace period.

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